Please don’t just drop in.

We love to see you, and we love a chat. However, just dropping in on a whim isn’t a great idea.

Last week I upset someone because I was unavailable. Turns out I was out shooting. The studio was open but no Ian. Who, this lady just had to see. It also happens from time to time that people call in to have a look at their photos, again we can’t show them because there are other people already in the studio, who have made an appointment to see us. It’s upsetting but viewing photos and making decisions about wall enlargements isn’t like walking into Macca’s and ordering a meal deal. Organizing photos takes time. If you drop in there is a real good chance that we will already be occupied and you may have to wait a loooooong time.

Much better to jump on the phone and give us a call on 03 5025 3368 an schedule an appointment.

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