Light painting.

When all said and done. Photographers are painters. Except we use light. No light equals no photos in our world. How we shape and mould light has a great bearing on the way our photography looks. Today’s brief post was to be about how and why we choose to use different equipment to do different types of photography. I wasn’t going to ramble on about technical stuff just the broad basics of some of the reasons we carry a whole bunch of gear to portrait and wedding jobs.

Just as a painter chooses different brushes to create different effects on their canvas. So to do we photographers choose different equipment to splash pixels all over our electronic canvas. The sensor in a digital camera, like film, only records what we allow it to.

For example I’ve just got back from shooting a portrait of a beautiful young girl. One of the shoot locations,was one that we have used many times before. We use it because it is a great location and yields fabulous light and photos every time we shoot. Today we dug deep into our camera bag and came out with a different combination of lens and camera. No other changed. Resulting photos look nothing like anything we have ever shot in this location before. Stunning, beautiful and totally different from other portraits created in the exact same space.

close up photo of Nikon D2x with f1.4 85mm lens attached.

So what would make the difference. While we were painting our sensor with light, the light was being shaped by a very special lens the Nikor f1.4 85mm. An amazing lens clipped to and old but equally amazing camera the Nikon D2x. Yielding beautifully rounded soft images with a background that is out of focus in a creamy, special kind of out of focus. Some would claim that it’s not worth the expense of having fast exotic lenses such as the Nikor f1.4 85mm. At excitations we believe the added expense of this and other special optics used in our daily efforts of painting with light is worth every cent. We only occasionally pull this and a few other of our more specific lenses outĀ  but when we do the resultsĀ  are outstanding.

Why then, not use them more often? Simple we choose and use equipment, when we believe the lens camera combination is going to give the result we are looking for. Nothing is special if it is used in the wrong situation for the wrong reason. Like always it’s about choice. I hope we will be allowed to post some pictures from this session in the near future.

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