Leila, outdoor location photography.

excitations garden, a purpose designed photography location.

Not your everyday pretty garden. Old stables and tack rooms, uncut lawns, trees all over the place in no apparent order. Messy, lacking structure and over all a gardeners nightmare. But, you know what! we wouldn’t have it any other way. Developing a garden and farm yard for photographic purposes is not like creating a nice garden around your house. It’s all about light and shade, and the feel that location imparts on a photograph. The great thing about excitations garden is that it is never the same two days running. Always changing, growing, decaying and creating fantastic photo opportunities.

Closeup, shallow depth of field portrait of beautiful young girl in excitations garden

Portrait of Leila created in excitations garden. Stunningly beautiful natural light created by the environment and a huge hunk of exotic glass go together to created this lovely portrait of a vivacious young lady who just loves being photographed. Last week we had a piece about painting with light and using wide aperture lenses to create shallow depth of field. This natural outdoor portrait of Leila is and example of just that. The only part of Leila in focus is her eye closest to camera. Everything and I mean everything else is beautifully out of focus. Including the very ends of Leila’s  eyelashes.

If you’ve ever been to excitations studio complex you may have noticed our lawns are rarely ever cut neatly. In fact we go out of our way to cut grass only if we don’t have a photo session planned for that area. Why? Because it is the excitations look, and more importantly people seem to relax more easily because longer grass is more comfortable to sit or lay on.

Portrait of young girl looking between branches of melaluca tree at excitations studio garden near Mildura.

Rough textured limbs of a Melaleuca tree frames and contrasts with Leila’s smooth, near perfect skin. Not very long ago we use to photograph in front of this tree using its soft green foliage as a background. Time goes on and now we have these incredible bunch of gnarled, twisted, paper bark limbs to play with.


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