Big budget photoshoots.

Ever wondered what happens on a big budget photoshoot.

Then you should visit this link here. Part of a promotion by Hassleblad cameras. Shot in Italy by photographer, Maurizio Cigognetti. While producing a set of advertising pictures for high fashion design products. Go on just take a look. A team of about 20 people working for around a week, to produce a handful of beautiful images. Which you will see from time to time in leading fashion and design magazines over the next few months.

Designed and planed down to the last miniscule detail so that, you the viewer, will get the message that the product is more important than anything else. Imagine how many dollars are expended in creating these sets just for one round of photoshoots. The large crew were assembled for only a few days, but how many hours of planning went into this series of photoshoots before shooting started? Now think about all the high end cosmetic and fashion shoots that you see in magazines, and for a moment think about how much effort went into producing such simple looking shots.

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