Alisha and Andrew.

A few photos from Alisha and Andrew’s wedding in Mildura

Way behind getting these photos onto the blog. We got caught up in a frantic Christmas period and then January was spent trying to catch up. Finally mostly caught up on backlog and now into 2012 for real. It’s always special when we get to photograph someone we have know almost all their lives. Alisha, came into our lives many years ago when her big sister was working for excitations. Don’t even want to think about how long ago that was. Funnily  seems like just yesterday.

Black and white profile portrait of groom at Grand Hotel Mildura. wedding in Mildura photographed by excitations.

We shot this casual shot of Andrew at Mildura’s Grand Hotel . It was a set up shot, but like most setups we do during a wedding shoot, we start with a base idea and work the location and our groups interaction with their environment and the bridal party. That helps us achieve more natural, spontaneous looking wedding photographs. Which is the name of the game these days. The art of wedding photography is to achieve images which appear natural, less posed and more believable. Or you go the other end of the scale and shoot highly stylized fashion looking images. The choice is always up to our bride and groom. OK, the choice is always the bride.

Bride walking towards camera, happy smiling. photo by excitations

Talking about natural. We wanted to get a shot of Alisha’s dress, or more precisely the hemline of her dress sort of swishing around as she walked. So this is a quick walk from Alisha to get the dress moving. Luckily we use fast focusing cameras that  hold focus as she moves quickly towards us. Otherwise lots of out of focus pictures… Not a good look in any album.

Bride and gromm sitting on grass in Mildura's Deakin Ave, centre plantation. wedding in mildura photography by excitations.

We covered a fair bit of ground in a short time why shooting Alisha and Andrew’s wedding in Mildura. Our second port of call was the centre plantation in Deakin Avenue. Jacaranda time, and we wanted to have a play with shooting long lenses and blurring out the background to fuse colours together. We shot here mostly for the groups but couldn’t resist a few of Alisha and Andrew together.

Wedding party walking along dirt track in wheat field. Wedding in Mildura by excitations

Then for something completely different. Alisha and Andrew decided to add contrast to their wedding photography coverage. They would go out into a wheat paddock. Braving the ever persistent bush flies. and bright harsh sunshine to create a set of wedding images which would be in stark contrast to the soft green looks shot earlier. A few things to remember if you’re considering  going bush for your wedding photos. Bush locations are often not user friendly. Ladies in high heels need to be able to walk on unstable ground and feel comfortable. Flies and mosquitoes often come along for the photoshoot. Even if they aren’t invited. Wind, dust, and uncomfortable temperatures are also encountered. However, picture opportunities abound out in the bush. As long as you are aware of the conditions and you and your group are comfortable with that.

Ian Mckenze the outback photographer photographing a wedding in Mildura. Photo by excitations.

This is the shot above from Robyn’s camera. Shooting two cameras on location gives a unique chance to get extra interesting angles and more nice candid style photos. On this occasion the old outback photographer in the bottom left of the frame wasn’t the best idea. But I guess it does at least show the camera angle required to get that vast blue sky full of little white clouds in our first shot. Those of you who are more observant will notice how the sky is different from a different angle. That was because  there was a whole bunch of messy cloud cover sneaking up on us while we were shooting. Looks strong and dramatic from one angle. Soft an mushy from another.

Happy bride and groom in wheat field.

Another image from Robyn’s Camera. Alisha and Andrew are still on the little dirt track. Robyn is shooting through the wheat to give the appearance of our couple being out in the wheat.  Outr other camera is still working low angles and dramatic skies so that we end up with multiple choices when it comes to  designing the final album. Just as a final not when you’re holding a wedding in Mildura, you have a large choice of backgrounds and locations. Sometimes it’s very worthwhile looking at locations out of the ordinary.





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