Woolsheds, a 3rd book by photographer Andrew Chapman.

Woolsheds, a photographic essay of shearing sheds around Australia. Shot by long time photographer and all round good guy Andrew Chapman.

There is a saying in photography that you should shoot things you’re passionate about. Well that would would put the iconic Aussie shearing shed right dead centre of Andrews viewfinder. Andrew has for years been tracking down woolsheds. Often heading  into the bush with nothing but some vague whisper he has heard about this or that shed.

Andrew is a member of a exclusive club. An ever diminishing group of photographers who think before lifting a camera to their eye . Unlike so many today, who seem  addicted to the sound of their DSLR rattling away in motor drive mode. As some wag put it the other day. “I’m appalled at the number of bad photographs my new camera can take every second.” If as a photographer, you are intent on clicking the shutter button as many times as you can, in the shortest time possible, chances are you will never SEE the picture you’re trying to create.

Some locals will have already been exposed to Andrews work around woolsheds. Having had an exhibition of his work with shearers here in Mildura a couple of years back. Or in his first excellent book. Which recorded the lives of the hardest workers of all Aussies. The shearer. WOOLSHEDS is packed full of story telling images,  by a great photographer.

Anyhow if you want to get hold of a copy of “WOOLSHEDS” you can get your copy from, New North Gallery, 15a Railway Place, Fairfield, 3078. Cost is $39.95. Would make a great Christmas present for anyone with an interest in Australian heritage….. Just saying.

Alternatively, you may wish to deal with the artist himself. andrew@bigcheez.com.au  Andrew’s website can be found here or you could check out the WOOLSHEDS Facebook page here

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