Wedding accessories and photography.

high key photograph of wedding accessories by excitations.

We always try and include a few close up pictures of the little things at a wedding. You know, stuff our bride has put a lot of time and thought into. But will largely go unnoticed on her special day. Perfume, shoes, jewelery and off course those little Something Old pieces that often mean the world to our bride. The image below is one we created last Saturday while shooting with Rebecca and Paul at their wedding. Rebecca was putting the last minute touches to her outfit, so Robyn set this shot up on a coffee table. Straight forward shot of wedding accessories. Mostly illuminated by light coming from a large outside facing window, with a little bit of help from a hotshoe flash in VAL mode.

I promise I’ll catch up with posting more wedding photos from this and other weddings¬† in the not to distant future. Just faced with the nice but frustrating situation of more work coming in than we can keep up with at the current time. Take care guys.

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