Dramatic thunderstorm photo, Mildura

Dramatic thunderstom image with pink and black clouds. Photographed courtesy of excite-art.com image captured near Mildura, December 2011

Got just enough time off an Saturday evening to go chase the tail end of a string of thunderstorms that passed through the district Love this sort of thing, however, usually when the opportunity arises, I’m busy shooting with clients or miss the event altogether because I’m behind a computer. Saturday was different. Although working late trying to get Christmas orders out. Had been watching this thunderstorm develop on the weather radar. So was able to sneak out for a few minutes to capture this image. Capturing the best angle when creating a thunderstorm photo is difficult. Active weather cells such as this one are difficult to track and predict. So being in a could position requires a lot of pre planning in the minutes leading up to shoot time. Also requires bucketfuls of luck.

This image borrowed with permission from www.excite-art.com

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