Maternity photos, a special time to celebrate.

Contemporary sepia toned image of modern young mother to be. Photo by excitations, family photographers mildura.

Maternity photos, a time to celebrate the beauty of a new life beginning.

We spend a fair bit of our time here at excitations producing wonderful maternity photos. Some very traditional, others very arty and contemporary. No matter what your tastes in maternity photography, excitations can accommodate your ideas. Recently we have been doing a number of modern fine art style images for new mums to be. Bit like the one of the lovely Rochelle above. Also completed recently a couple of “Low Key” black and white images. Very dark background and mother to be also heavily shaded. Just letting the soft studio lighting wrap around mum’s tummy to form a very beautiful and moody image. Not at all like traditional pregnacy photos.

A special reason to choose excitations for your maternity photos.

We’ve never really bothered to tell anyone about this. excitations offer a free newborn photography session with every maternity photo session booked. So you get the best of both worlds. Great pictures of mum while she’s glowing with pregnancy. Plus a photo session with the new born bundle of joy. While bub is in that oh so cute stages of their new life. Even if the dollars are a bit scarce now. Don’t put off having the photo session. We don’t mind if you hold off on ordering prints etc. Just make sure you have the maternity photo session and the the free newborn session. Because you can’t turn back time.

I don’t want to get naked for maternity photos.

That’s the good part. You choose whatever style sits within your comfort level. Some mums to be love the bare skin look. Others take advantage of some of the amazing fashions available to show off their “baby bumps”. It’s all a matter of taste. It would be a boring world photographically if we didn’t all have different tastes in photography styles.

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