Frances and Lindsay

It’s been a long time between posts

I’ve always said you can always tell how busy the team are at excitations by the number of posts to this blog. Not quite true, sometimes we are busy but somehow mange a post or two. Not recently though. Flat out like the proverbial lizard drinking.

So here’s a couple more photos from Frances and Lindsay’s wedding. These were taken the day after photography was first invented. Honestly, that long ago. First photo shot at home with Lindsay, while he was filming a piece with O-Line Video for the wedding video. Nice casual shot of Lindsay with mom and dad out of focus in the background.

Black and white casual wedding phot of groom with his parents in the background. All rights reserved, excitations, wedding photographers Mildura.

The above image is in black and white just because we liked it that way… Could have just as easily been colour but we felt that it had just a slight edge as a black and white wedding photo. After shooting with Lindsay in Mildura we headed to Robinvale to work with Frances. However, I’m pretty sure we’ve posted a shot of Frances at home earlier. So we’ll skip right on through until after the ceremony and to our photo session at Jimba. Always a great place to photograph. Each time we go there we seem to find a new angle or location, which is kind of cool.

Black and white photo of bride and groom at Jimba. Photo by excitations, Mildura.
Yet another monochrome. That’s a fancy smancy way of saying black and white. Of course it doesn’t have to be black and white, could be brown and white, green and white, whatever. As long as it had only one tone and white, it qualifies as a mono-tone.

For the wedding image below we posed Lindsay and Frances behind a huge flower arrangement and then just softened it down a tad to give a bit of an arty look.

Happy wedding couple photographed at Jimba near Mildura. Photo by excitations.

Casual photo of bride with her siblings. Photo by excitations, Mildura.


The above group photo of Frances with her siblings, comes under the category of sometimes two cameras are better than one. While Ian was busy posing and shooting this set up. Robyn running a second camera,  shooting from the side and largely unnoticed captured a more relaxed and pleasant angle. We are using two photographers more and more in our wedding photography lately. Just nice to have another angle on things, when it comes time to design the wedding album.

Portrait of bride and groom at Jimba, near Mildura. Wedding photos by excitations.At last a colourful shot of Lindsay and Frances. Created again in the spacious ballroom at Jimba, this time using a massive piece of art as a colourful background. After shooting at Jimba we all headed off to Club Da Vinci for a night of fun and frivolity amongst the newly decorated interior of Club”D”. But that’s another story and a whole bunch of new photo possibilities.

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