Some things to remember when framing your photos.

Firstly I should make it clear that excitations does provide a framing service for our clients. However, we don’t mind if people choose to have framing done elsewhere. We do guarantee our framing and more importantly the pictures in the frame. Always trying to resolve any issues that maybe a result of  a framing problem. Which means we try our very hardest to make sure that when we send out a framed photograph. The job has been done correctly in the first place. Because frankly we don’t want to see any framed photo back for repairs.

Small prints are rarely a problem. If you buy a frame most anywhere and slip your photo into the frame job done. Even if there is a problem down the road, the expense of ordering another replacement photo is minimal. Larger prints are a different story. Firstly a large print should be mounted onto a suitable backing material. Ensuring that over time the print doesn’t start to buckle as gravity slowly drags it towards the bottom of the frame. Not mounting your print saves money. But may over time turns out to be a false saving. As nothing looks more unattractive than a large framed print with a multitude of ridges and creases in it. Left like this over a long period of time, the print may not be repairable.

Also important, is the materials use to mount and secure your precise photograph into the frame. There are many types of mounting material out there that don’t play well with photos. Talk to your framer about this. If they seem to be a bit foggy or in anyway dodgy with their answers. Go to another framer. While price isn’t always a good guide when framing. If someone is quoting prices significantly lower than other framers. Alarm bells should start to ring. Moulding prices vary greatly. So a moulding that looks cheap may not be. Likewise expensive looking mouldings may be quite reasonably priced. Country of origin has a lot to do with moulding price. But if two framers are quoting vastly different prices for a similar frame. Start to ask questions.

Over the years we have seen some unbelievable framing jobs. Once a framer mounted the photo using builders adhesive. Result print went yellow with a month. Why? The adhesive was not only yellow in colour. But also high in acid content. Totally destroyed print. Most times however, the damage occurs over a much slower time frame. With gases or acids trapped behind class slowly eating away at the print. We’ve even seen photos stuck to cardboard designed for packaging. Another total NO NO. On other occasions we have seen prints mounted using heat sensitive materials that when the print got warm, let go. But in this case the real damage was done when the now semi liquid glue escaped from behind the print and then covered the front of the artwork is a sticky mess.

Luckily most professional framers are great at their job, and you shouldn’t have a problem. Just saying, that if you have any doubts about the quality of work the framer is capable of. Take a walk and find someone you know you can trust. Certainly if you are looking at some of the more specialised ways framing such as canvas, acrylic, glass or the popular block mounting. Go to a framer who has experience with those materials. Ask to see samples.

One last word. Laminating that is used on documents is not the same as laminating designed specifically for protecting photographs. The latter cost more for a reason. So ask the question before entrusting your precise print to the local office supplier.

Photo of bride standing uunder massive Morton Bay Fig tree. Wedding photography by excitations Mildura.
Stunning bride Narelle, photographed under a massive Morton Bay Fig tree. When we were asked if we could make some photographs in this location, our first thoughts where to a princess in a garden.


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