Broken Hill Photography, fun in fantastic locations.

Broken Hill photography, always great fun in great locations
We always look forward to crossing the mighty Murray River and heading north to Broken Hill. Not sure what it is about this amazing rural city and its people. That makes photography both fun and visually interesting. Historic buildings, wide open spaces and home for many talented artists. Broken Hill photography is always a rewarding for us.
On one of our recent trips there we had the opportunity to photograph Rebecca and Paul. Great young couple. We are going to photograph Rebecca and Paul’s wedding shortly. Being in Broken Hill, their home town, presented the perfect opportunity to catch up and shoot a couple of engagement photos.

Young engagement couple photographed in Broken Hill by excitations.

At first glance this may appear to be just another engagement photo. However, the rose bush in the background of this image has a special place in Rebecca’s family history. We wanted to somehow mould it into this image. Worked lots of angles, some more interesting photographically than this one. I’ve included this image as an example of how subjects can lift a straight stock standard pose and make it really interesting. It’s called body language. Not how Rebecca has her right leg bent, toe just off the ground and a slight arch in her back. Adding action to an otherwise static image. Paul’s casual relaxed attitude also adds to the statement that these two are comfortable with each other and in love.

Dramatic engagement photo of couple taken near Silverton NSW by excitations

The problem with Broken Hill photography, if there is one is. To many location choices. Better than not enough I know but you gotta have something to complain about right! Our second location for the shoot with Rebecca and Paul was the historic settlement of Silverton. ¬†Backdrop for many Movies and TV commercials. Home to a whole bunch of talented artists and their galleries. Amazing stone buildings and a massive old goal. There are even Camel rides available… but apparently that’s not a good photo idea when your subjects wearing short red dress with high heels. Just a thought!

So how come we shot the above image at Silverton, without any of the buildings or environment. It’s a photographer thing. Flat ground, blue sky, white fluffy clouds and red dress…. lets just do a shot of you guys and the sky. For those worried that I might have lost the plot. We also shot at the Silverton Outback Art Gallery thanks to ¬†John Dynon, artist. And spent a bit of time in goal. Fantastic locations, great people….. outback Australia.

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