You get what you pay for, if you’re lucky.

Linen tie albums used for a number of purposes here at excitations have been discontinued. . Looking around at some of the stuff on offer, I had to remind myself of the old rule ” you get what you pay for”. We all seem hell bent on getting stuff at the cheapest price. Photographers it seems are no different. Always pushing for the lowest price. Manufacturers or more precisely, manufacturers intent on making a quick buck, are happy to accommodate them. There are a lot of new cheap and somewhat dodgy products out there. We’re now trying to sort through them Grrrrrrr.

Problem is, some of the chemicals used in the manufacture of paper and cardboard products aren’t all that friendly to photographs. If you’re an album manufacturer the cheapest paper and card materials you can buy, also happen to be the ones loaded with the most nasty photo damaging chemicals. Obviously the other side to that is the least damaging paper products also happen to be the most expensive…. Who woulda thunked that.

I guess the point is, like with most things. Buy cheap and get what you pay for. Or in the case of albums get more in the way of photo fading chemicals the less you pay. So the search goes on.

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