Studio debutante photography.

Studio debutante photography, sometimes the studio is a great place to shoot.

Right at the moment there are simply not enough hours in every day to get all the stuff we need to get done.That’s especially true here at excitations.We are way behind with posting to this blog for instance. But we couldn’t let a year slip by without posting at least a couple of samples of studio debutante photography. As luck would have it on this day a few weeks back. Mother nature was having one of those lets make it hard for photographers days. She decided she would give us a light sprinkle of rain.

Casual black and white studio portrait of a debutante and her partner. Photographed at excitations studio.Our first models for the day where Phoebe and Trent. Who were fantastic and let us play a bit with some casual looking black and white images against a white background. When we’re photographing¬† debutantes, it is always a challenge as to how far we go artistically. It’s easy to get carried away and shoot great pictures. But if we’re not careful we end up with great pictures that don’t look like debutante photos at all.

Happy full length black and white photo of debutante in excitations barn studio. White background.This blog is a bit organic as far as how we decide on what pictures to use. The image of Kelsey above wasn’t going to be this shot. However, it works well in black and white and….. well we haven’t posted a lot of monochrome here recently. Anyhow, Kelsey was a mile a minute girl in the studio. So much energy. We decided to go with this black and white photo. Firstly because it short of catches our models bubbly personality. Secondly it illustrates just how well simple black and white shots can show texture in costumes.

Studio debutante photography at excitations Yelta studio.

So now we’re stuck with a theme. Beautiful debutante, black and white against a white background. Phoebe again, but not the same Phoebe obviously. We’ve got to point out that we didn’t just should black and white. If we don’t, someone will say excitations only do studio debutante photography in black and white. Should also mention that we didn’t only work against a white background. In fact with Kelsey and Phoebe II, our favorite shots were taken on our studio verandah, sheltered from the rain. Using studio lighting. Those photos however, wouldn’t suit the theme that just developed for this post.

By the way if you’re doing your deb next year and have a group of 4 or 5 friends who you think might like to do something a bit different for their deb photos. You might consider talking to us early in the season. We book up fast. More impo0rtantly we have a couple of ideas we would love to develop which will make your studio debutante photography a whole lot more special.





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  1. I have seen heaps of Mikayla’s photos, I love her ballet ones! Great work guys!
    I love all of your photography throughout all different genres and I am more than happy with my deb photos! Must come to you again! <3 India

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