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You have  know idea how many emails we get  here at excitations each week that consist entirely of the line “send me your prices”, Sometimes they just say “prices” and nothing else. Other times the writer spends a little more time and explains that they are getting married and would like us to send them our package price for a wedding coverage.

As we answer all emails personally, and as we don’t just have a single product, take it or leave it. Providing the right information for the enquirer is difficult if we have very little information to go on. We don’t hide our prices for any of our services, but it is very difficult to just give a blanket price that covers all events. Some photographers do have only one package, it contains this for this many dollars. All simple stuff.

However, if like us we have multiple choices of wedding coverages over a very wide price range with an almost infinite number of variables, the blanket price approach is worthless. Something as simple as choice of cover materials on an album will vary the price considerably. How can you ever decide on which material you like unless you see a sample? How do you know what style of album leaf you prefer without seeing samples. And the list goes on.

Best bet is to inquire if your wedding date is available, and arrange a time to come visit us an look through samples and talk to us about your budget, what you would like from your wedding photography and how you would like to achieve the sort of wedding photography coverage that suits you. If getting to us is impossible, the very next best thing is the old dog and bone. 03 5025 3368 is the number, ask to chat with Robyn and ask her all the hard questions. Be warned though. To better understand your needs and desires, Robyn will ask you a heap of questions in return. She’s not prying, just trying to find a way to better serve you.

So how much do you charge for wedding photography?

The most accurate answer I can give you without a whole lot more information is. We have wedding coverages between $800 and $8500 with price points all the way between those two prices. Which means you want a coverage around the $1500 range we’ve got something or more importantly will design something to suit you in that range. Want something around $3000 same answer.  Another important thing to remember is that the quality of photography and printing doesn’t change,  just the time spent with you, style and quantity of album/s you choose .

Oh and for the record we don’t provide a shoot and burn wedding photography service. More about “Shoot and Burn” here



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