Sarah and Natale, engagement photos on location.

Engagement photos on location, always a lot of fun and sometimes a challenge


Engagement photos on location. Photo of young couple by excitations.

As time came closer to photographing Sarah and Natale. We became more nervous. Looking at the local weather radar every few minutes wasn’t helping. Out to the West, headed right towards us, a large band of rain. Would the rain hold off? Better still would it pass by early? We had planned to meet and shoot at an outdoor location. An outdoor location without shelter to be more precise. Funnily enough, rain and photography of people go well together. There is something about shooting in the rain that is so special. Probably the light, which helps bring  a lovely saturation to colour. Off course rain within reason. A torrential downpour isn’t helpful.

A couple of frantic phone calls and a hasty plan B was adopted. Photographing people in rainy conditions may make for good pictures. Creating engagement photos in the rain, especially when our couple are going formal is another story. We decided to go with locations, while still outdoors, had areas of concrete or timber under foot. As any all of you girls know. Beautiful delicate, full length gowns, high heals and soft ground…. A good mixture they are not.

Location engagement photo, Mildura Wharf. Photo by excitations MilduWe spent some time with Sarah and Natale at the Mildura Wharf. Not because it is one of our favorite locations. Just for its hard timber flooring and proximity to the Murray River. After playing around for quite a while with a very monochromatic scene. The tiniest of tiny openings in the clouds gave us about a minutes worth of  background colour. As the old song says. “Never let a chance go by Norm”. We didn’t. for this engagement photo of Natale and Sarah we had to use a bit of remotely controlled hotshoe flash to pop some light onto their faces. After all who’s ever heard of  engagement photos where you couldn’t she the couples face….. Well actually…. We may have done that a couple of times. That’s another story for another day

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