Robinvale wedding for Rose and Vince.

Robinvale wedding, Mid-Winter, perfect day

Have to tell you it was great to get back into photographing weddings. After a break of about 5 or so weeks over Winter. Picking up the camera and heading to Rose and Vince’s wedding was eagerly awaited. Robinvale weddings hold a bit of a soft spot for us as well. There always seems to be something new and different happening on the Robinvale wedding scene.

Portrait photo of groom relaxing before wedding ceremony. Photo by excitations, wedding photographers Mildura.

First stop for the day was for a photoshoot with the boys. Who were all ready and raring to go. Locations where plentiful but this wall, with it’s simple but elegant design looked to us, like a good place to start. As for Vince, I think he was happy just to sit down and relax for a couple of minutes. We varied this set with some low angle stuff which was really cool. In the end, I think I like this straight shot. Just because it is so clean looking, and  a bit different from most of the close up portraits we created in this room.

Arty portrait of Rose a bride at one of excitations recent Robinvale weddings

Once again, arriving at the girls we found lots of great  locations. Apart from photographing  Rose and the girls as a group, and individually, we shot some really interesting images in a long narrow passageway. Including a series of under the veil shots unlike anything we’ve create before. However, keeping with the arty theme we started with Vince. He’s a little play image created with Rose just before she headed off to church.



Low angle weding photo of bride and groom with yellow daffodils growing in forground. Robinvale wedding photography by excitations.Afternoon weather was amazing, warmish, a bit of overcast. Terrific for taking wedding photographs. After Vince and Rose left the church, we headed to a wonderful private garden at Wemen. Massive sloping laws with formally trimmed hedges and plantings of Winter/Spring bulbs. Like the beautiful yellow Daffodils featured in this photo.

High angle shot of Robinvale wedding group in formal garden.

Still in the same garden location as previous shot. This time however selecting a higher camera angle to highlight the symmetry of the garden design. High angle also helps us include collection of Ford GT’s being used as bridal cars. We have to thank Phil, lead driver for arranging our point of view for this picture.

Old world looking tone image of bride and groom walking along driveway in formal garden during a Robinvale Wedding. Photo by excitations of Mildura.

Looking in the reverse direction gave us this great location. Decided to go with an old world toned look here. However we could have used colour just as easily. With all the green around this season, plus a fair bit of hard work by our  hosts for this photoshoot, Tina and Angelo. This angle of the garden took on an English garden look, especially in the colour images. You’d never guess it was created in the dry interior of Australia.

For all the brides out there wondering who made the dress. I actually remembered to ask this time. The answer, just a single word, J’Aton. While we’re giving plugs to other wedding suppliers, we should mention the band. Room 7, who entertained us all evening with good music and lots of action and dance floor entertainment. Video coverage was by local production house, O-Line Video. If you look closely you can see Tom from O-line in the background in the shot below. I believe he was using a two camera setup to capture the bridal dance. Which is a kinda cool way of getting a bit more interest into the dance video.

Robinvale wedding reception in the Robinvale Civic Centre. Photography by excitations, Mildura photographersFor this dancing photo, we decided we wanted to contrast the blue lighting used by the band, Room 7,  with a very warm dance floor. To do this we gelled up a couple of  hotshoe flashes to add warmth to the overhead canopy, as well as pumping up  colour in the smoke effect. There is only one thing you have to understand about smoke/fog effects. The best laid plans… can and do go wrong. This time we got lucky. We did have a plan B in place though. You may notice our Robyn, just behind Vince. She is shooting with a long lens, getting close up images of our bride and groom while Ian is shooting  riskier wide angles.

Wedding cake by Josephine Mezzatesta of Robinvale. Photo by excitations, photographers Mildura.Now this would be a first. I’m pretty sure we haven’t featured a wedding cake in our blog coverage of a wedding before. We’ve included it this time for two reasons. Number one, it’s a way cool cake. Number two, it was created by the brides sister-in-law, Josephine Mezzatesta. I don’t know if Josephine confines her creations to family and friends, or whether she creates cakes for others. I guess if you’re looking for a cake it wouldn’t hurt to ask.


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  1. I like the color, contrast and composition. The bride and groom look very natural. Great wedding package and superb wedding pictures. Congratulations! You are the best wedding photographer.

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