Prue and Kyle

High angle photo of Mildura debutantes against a red  background. Photo by excitations, Mildura debutante photos.

Prue and Kyle, more Mildura debutante photos.

Firstly I have to thank Prue and Kyle for indulging an old photographer. When I suggested adopting an ever so slightly different pose. These guys were up for it right from the word go. Needless to say Robyn and I had a great time during this shoot. Can’t speak for our subjects, but they didn’t complain so that’s gotta mean something…. Right.

Before I get carried away. I have to thank the Grand Hotel Mildura for allowing us freedom of their fantastic facility for these photos. Thanks guys… The Grand Hotel Mildura is one of those older hotels that just screams character. While I love shooting there. I try to limit the amount of times I work there in a year. That way it is always special when you shoot there.

Now I’m sure you guys know the deal. If you want to see more pictures of Prue and Kyle, you have to hit theĀ  continue button below.


Mildura debutante photos, a contempory black and white portrait by excitations Mildura photographers.This photo of Prue looks great in colour. But then I had a “what if moment”. Now I can’t decide, because I like it in black and white as well. I guess it doesn’t matter when you are photographing someone as beautiful as Prue.

Should also mention that we are now posting slightly larger photos. Seems our blogging software has allowed a bigger size for quite a while. I just missed the change. So as of tonight, bigger pictures. Providing I don’t forget. It gets hard to keep up sometimes. Our excitations stock blog runs on the very same software, but uses a different theme. Pictures over there are smaller. So do us a favour. If you notice the size slip back to the old 600 pixels. Please let us know.

Lovely little candid photo of a debutante in a special moment on her big day. Mildura debutante photos by excitations.Selecting this picture took me way longer than it should have. You see, there is this great photograph of Prue walking in her dress. That photo was earmarkedĀ  for this space. Then I noticed this wonderful little moment. Captured during a pause in our photo session. Sometimes it takes nothing more than gesture to make an images. In this case the gesture is a totally natural smile and downcast eyes. Love it. Thankfully I was ready for this one.

While I think of it. If you like any of the postings on this blog. Feel free to use the share buttons on the post…. Please.

Have a good one team, and thanks again to Prue and Kyle for making our job of creating Mildura debutante photos so easy.


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