So you think you’d like to be a professional photographer!

I’m not trying to put you off the idea… but here is just a little of what you’re up against. One, and that is one of many high end photography schools in the USA is having end of year exams this week. 160 students from around the world payed $60,000 each for the opportunity to work their butts off trying to master the art of photography in 12 months.

Now it’s crunch time, they have to submit a portfolio of their 27 best images. Images that will be assessed not by their teachers but by a group of 4 hard nosed, talented professional photographers who have never met them. For 4 days the judges will look at, discuss and finally give the thumbs up or down to a students work.

A pass will mean the student will have a piece of paper that says they have completed a year in hell trying to get to grips with their chosen profession,  with a bit of luck and providing that piece of paper is issued by a respected training school, they might even get a chance to work as an intern with a real studio. Fail and they have wasted 60-100k for nothing.

Each year we see a couple dozen people who think they would like to be a photographer. Most have done nothing to prepare themselves what so ever. Without even the tiniest bit of knowledge they expect that someone is going to discover them and propel them to stardom……. Dream on folks.

Imagine someone wanting to run the 100metres final at the upcoming Olympic games, but never having done a single days training. That I’m afraid is about where most of  our would be photographers are at.

I’m not trying to be nasty but someone has to tell it like it is. Regardless of where you live, getting into and staying in photography is competitive. There are a small core of fanatical, talented and totally focused individuals all out there trying to get between where you are now and becoming a photographer. Trust me they’re not going to roll over and play dead just to give you an opportunity.

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