Photographing children, outdoors, spontaneouly and with a difference.

We’ve been shooting a lot of natural, spontaneous portraits of children outdoors at our photography complex at Yelta recently. Most times we are just working with the kids, while mum and dad look on, however occasionally we’ve been able to convince mum or dad to join in with the fun.

Creating something a little different can often be something as simple working in a new location, or as with the outdoor portrait  below,  creating a new environment in which to play. While the great weather lasts, please consider getting your excitations outdoor portraits organized real soon, because Wintery weather is not far away. That doesn’t mean we stop shooting outdoors, just means working gets a little less comfortable for our subjects.

Unusually black and white portrait of mother and child in excitations studio garden near Mildura.
Serena and Odin photographed right in the middle of excitations studio driveway. Pose inspired by Serena, and adapted by the team at excitations. While not exactly the style of spontaneous child portraits we usually  create, we just love the feel of this beautiful moment between mother and son.


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