Creating family portraits in excitations outdoor studio garden

Having a large spacious indoor shooting area is fantastic. Having that studio surrounded by outdoor photo settings that constantly change is wonderful. While it is true  we often use the same location over and over again, there is also a continually changing array of possibilities as trees and plants grow and die. Seasons change, new locations come online and older sets mature and take on a new look.

The most important thing about our outdoor studio is that we are in control. If we want long grass we let it grow, if we want the lawn covered in leaves, we simple let them fall. See a new angle but it needs some branches trimmed… out comes the chain saw and bingo we’re in business. Robyn and Ian see excitations garden studio as an ongoing project. A bit like a sculpture that never ever gets to be finished, it just keeps on evolving and creating new and interesting backdrops for their photography.

Causual family portrait photograph, created in excitations outdoor studio near Mildura, all rights reserved.
excitations created this wonderfully relaxed and casual portrait of the Howard family recently at there Yelta studio complex. Using late evening light and the warmth that light creates through a small part of the excitations studio garden.

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