Outdoor portraits in excitations studio garden.

Autumn look, mid Winter

Earlier this week I posted a sample outdoor portrait photography image from a shoot with the Howard family. There were supposed to be two photographs with that post,  I forgot. Photographed just a few metres from from the last image, the shot below features a popular garden location. However, this is the first time we’ve shot it from this angle.

A few remaining leaves on a tree, plus very low level late light adds warmth to our shot. We knew this was a look  we wanted, two weeks before our outdoor portrait photography session. Just wasn’t all that confident leaves would stay in place until portrait day.

Outdoor portrait photography, portrait of a couple sitting amongst dry leaves with warm backlighting. Photo by excitations, all rights reserved.
Darren and Fiona were good sports about being plonked down in a patch of fallen leaves, with beautiful late afternoon sun doing the rest.


Another day another portrait

Taking another couple steps to camera left and another chance for some great outdoor portrait photography. Choosing a high camera angle, with the same dry leaves under the same tree. Totally different look. Great photo locations are often overlooked. Mostly because what looks good to the camera, often isn’t that appealing to the untrained eye. Finding a photo location isn’t science, more a feeling. Shoot for long enough and a photographer instinctively  feels how a location will work. What’s the saying… practice makes perfect!

Fun, informal outdoor portrait photography of two young siblings. Photo by excitations, mildura photographers, all rights reserved.
Michaylah and Caleb posed for this kinda fun not to serious outdoor portrait. Unfortunately because of all the fine detail in this image it’s not going to reproduce well at web size, but as an enlargement it’ll look great.


Outdoor portrait photography

Is about finding a background that works on two levels. The location has to enhance the feel of the outdoor portrait we are creating. As well as helping to portray our subjects in a manner that they will feel is flattering to them. While not distracting from the main subjects of our outdoor photography session. Many times we as photographers will see a great spot to take photos but light or environment refuse  to play.


However, being at home in our own studio garden, we have a good idea what areas will work best at different times. The trick for us then is to make sure we have locations suitable for all hours of the day.

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