Mikayla and Larry

Deb photos with a dash of creativity added. Couple with balloons in front of swming pool. Grand Hotel Mildura. Photo by excitations.

Mikayla and Larry, a bunch of balloons and a million ideas for  deb photos

We get to photograph Mikayla  occasionally. Each time it seems, she has an idea she would like to try. So when she arrived for her deb photos with a bunch of balloons and a good looking fella. Well let say we weren’t surprised.

When Ian spotted the pool, looked at the balloons, and got a strange look on his face. Well we just knew he had an idea. He tells us that because it was quite a surreal scene. Two fully dressed people, beside a pool, with a bunch of balloons. He wanted to have a play with reality. Pushing the idea of deb photos a bit beyond the norm.

Like to see some more of Mikayla and Larry’s deb photos. Hit the continue below….


Soft rear view full length of a beautiful young deb. Photo by excitations Mildura photographers.Sometimes having Ian as our photographer is a bit of a battle. Let’s just say he gets sidetracked easily. This was supposed to be a beautiful portrait of Mikayla. He instead starts raving about  amazing light and shoots this angle. Ian. we wanted to see Mikayla’s face!!!

I guess we have to admit. It is a really cool shot. And the light does play beautifully around the dress. Maybe we could get away with calling this a portrait of a deb dress. Just a thought.

We did in fact take a lot of “normal” deb photos. Not just a handful of arty pictures. We probably should put at least one photo on the blog where you can see Mikayla and Larry’s faces.  So here goes.

Casual deb photo of young couple back to back indoors.

Well it isn’t really a normal deb photo.  At least you can clearly see Mikayla and Larry’s faces. Created indoors using available light from a door. Casual back to back pose, together with out of focus lights in passage, keeps this photo informal.

Thanks again to the Grand Hotel Mildura, for allowing us to wander around their premises with a bunch of balloons. While creating for Larry and Mikayla a unique set of debutante photos.

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