Kate and Tony’s Renmark Wedding

We’re way behind in posting this but been a bit of a whirlwind around here lately. We love shooting away from home base, especially weddings. And a great place to travel to for  a wedding  shoot, is  the Riverland of South Australia.  I must work a bit harder to get a couple more weddings a year over in the Riverland, it’s just got a really nice feel about it when it comes to shooting weddings. Can’t explain it but shooting there feels right.

Full length photo of happy bride standing in brightly coloured doorway. Photo by excitation, outback wedding photographers.
We’d shot a few pictures of Kate in the room immediately behind her, using a remote flash through a window, then as Kate walked out of the room, we noticed just how well the available light coming through an open door was working. Shot a number of variations, this one is basically straight out of the camera, except for some basic retouching to vanish a light switch in the wrong place.


Black and white photo of happy bride lying on concrete steps, Mill Cottage, Loxton, South Australia. All rights reserved, excitations, outback photographers.
Ian often tells his subject that it’s got to hurt for it to be a good shot. Not true of course, but I’m sure Kate put up with a fair amount of pain for him to get this shot. This location worked really well in colour as well.


Relaxed groom sitting casually on a garden seat on a verandah of a an old house. Wedding picture by excitations, outback wedding photography.
Tony starts his photo session, all nice and relaxed in a really beautiful verandah location. Nice series of photos of the boys taken here, but we know from experience Ian had something else planned.


Close up of ruggedly good looking groom, photo by outback wedding photographers, excitations.
Yep, Ian had this dramatic close up cooking away in his head. Right from the moment he noticed Tony’s bright blue eyes and unshaven look, this picture was going to happen. But it’s not an Aussie thing, walking up to a bloke and sticking a great big camera right in his face just isn’t done.Well not for a couple of minutes anyway.


Laughing bride and groom on garden seat, Loxton, South Australia.
We found this rather cool garden seat and decided to do some romantic wedding photography. “Excuse me Kate…. Kate”. On second thoughts, let’s go with some more fun shots.


Bride and groom kiss in wooded area. Photo by excitations, taken in loxton South Asutralia.
For a complete change of scenery, we traveled all of 30 metres, out onto the street. Yes this is the nature strip so to speak. Had we been lazy we could have taken this photo while sitting in our car parked at the curb. All these photos and a whole bunch more where created within about a 100 metre radius. Time permitting that wooden fence in the background was looking good to be the next prop. We had a couple of wicked ideas for that.


As I said earlier, we love photographing weddings in the Riverland of South Australia, Loxton, Berri and Renmark to name just a few great river communities. It seems, as well as being populated by a whole bunch of great people, the photography god’s decided to furnish the area with some truly amazing backgrounds. Cant wait to see Kate and Tony’s wedding album, it’s going to look fantastic.


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