Jessica and Patrick wedding photos

Seems like ages since we worked with Jessica and Pat on their wedding day. Truth be told these images should have been posted weeks ago, and would have been if a certain photographer hadn’t made a couple of late night, sleep deprived editing decisions. Nothing like re-editing three big weddings.

However I digress, Jessica and Pat’s wedding was truly a fantastic day. Sometimes we start a bit slowly and work our tempo up during the day… not so with these guys…. full throttle right from the get go.

Tone black and white image of bride, close up smiling at the camera. Photo by excitations, Mildura.
When we took this shot I knew I wanted it to look like this, trouble when getting it to this look, I liked a lot of the stages on the way. You know, oh… it looks good in colour, and with softness and so it went. Sometimes the first idea isn’t the best, but then again sometimes it pays to go with the image the way you first imagine it. Jessica looking great in front of a window. We actually went to the boys house first, but there is no way I was going to give them the first picture. You’ll have to click CONTINUE to see why.


Bunch of groomsmen playing around for the camera before the wedding. Photo by excitations.
Shooting with Pat and his groomsmen involved going to his house and then heading into a local park. Shot a lot of the reasonably normal, slightly formal stuff and then started to play. Here the guys hit the stage and decided to show us there best moves. Had a whole lot of fun with this and other crazy poses. Right from the start we knew this was going to be special.


Bride and groom on the balcony at Jimba. Wedding pictures by excitations.
After their ceremony at Kingdom Hall, which by the way is a great place to shoot we headed out to Jimba. We all know what a fantastic location that is, and naturally we shot in the ballroom. But I wanted to capture a few images that we hadn’t done before. Robyn spotted this angle of Jessica and Pat on the balcony, we shot two cameras on wide angle for the shot above and the other shooting a short telephoto to get us both close up and wide views of the same scene and action. Just love working the two camera¬† scenario, love having two shots of the same moment from two totally different perspectives. Works even better if y9our camera is time coded. Funny thing I’ve noticed that when Robyn and Ian shoot like this they are so in tune with the decisive moments that often their shots are taken at exactly the same time, even if they’re standing¬† a 100 metres apart.
Girls from wedding party walking down walkway at Jimba on the Murray River at Mildura. Picture by
Don’t whatever you do as what this effect is. Cause we dumped all the filters out of our bag of tricks and added a bit of each one to come up with wedding picture just for fun image. Pretty sure this creation won’t get a guernsey in Pat and Jessica’s final album, cos it looks way cool just in plain old everyday colour. We wanted to have a play with this lovely walkway at Jimba, didn’t intend to do this with it but decided to try a couple of really low wide angle shots just for fun. The rest as they say is history.


Newly married couple  walking around a mansion in their wedding attire. Wedding photography by the outback photograpphers, excitations of Mildura.
The secret to getting natural looking wedding photos is …. well obvious really…. being natural and doing natural things. You can posed beautiful photographs but the won’t be natural, and if you chose the natural look then your dress and other stuff will not be picture perfect. Most brides these days are happy to do the trade off and have natural looking fun pictures that depict their wedding day.


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