Haylee and Todd’s wedding at Ampelon Gardens.

Sorry I’m a bit behind getting these up, we had a very busy weekend. Got to photograph with some great people and of course got to go along to Haylee and Todd’s wedding.

Perfect weather and a fabulous event made for a wonderful days shooting. We got to try a whole bunch of slightly different things, as well as a lot of the normal things wedding photographers have to do to fulfill their obligations to everyone needing photos from a wedding.

To say that Haylee was a beautiful bride, would be an understatement. Not only did Haylee and Todd look good on their wedding day, but they also made the most of their day. Always happy and enthusiastic about trying something else.

In fact if you’re getting married and you want to get great pictures. Here’s a tip. Like most other things in life, you get what you put in…. and these guys sure put in.

Wedding rings on a cushion at a wedding service. Photo by excitations.
Just for something a little different this week, we’ll start the photo coverage from the ceremony. Naturally we shot a lot at home prior to heading off to Ampelon Gardens… but let’s be different this week.


Soft grainy wedding portrait by excitations, Mildura.
This portrait of Todd and Haylee, created in the grounds of Ampelon Gardens has had a little post production on it. Added some “film grain” and a whole lot of softness.
Bride and groom in Ampelon Gardens, near Mildura. Photo by excitations.
Same location as the image above, just totally different treatment. Actually in this case no treatment. Pretty much straight out of the camera.
Bright outdoor photo of girls in bridal party toasting the brides health. Ampelon Gardens, photo by the outback photographer, Ian Mckenzie
Still in the garden, our effervesent team of young ladies took time out for a champagne toast.
Romantic, traditional glamour style bridal portrait.
When I saw the light, literally, I had to shoot this image. Again pretty much straight out of the camera. We’ve shot this location maybe half a dozen times, each time the magical light provided by nature has allowed us to create images that are totally different from other visits. Just love the way the available light chisels out Todd and Haylee’s features. Classical studio lighting without a studio.
Bride and groom on Mildura Wharf. Wedding photography by excitations.
Location, number three, or was that four? I forget, but we found ourselves down on the Mildura Wharf, a place not reknown for fabulous light, unless of course you visit late afternoon and enjoy playing with light dancing off water and casting all sorts of lovely shadows and patterns. We were waiting for the Paddle Steamer Rothbury to berth with all the wedding guests aboard. We wanted some shots of the bridal party on the boat, but naturally took the opportunity to create a few candid wedding photographs while waiting.






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