Where’s Ethan?

We have lots of fun here at excitations, photographing kids is always a challenge, mostly for mums and dads, as they’re always worried about how their kids are going to photograph. Will they behave  on the day?

Usually there is no need to worry, kids are just that, kids. They will make it through a shoot just fine. We may have a few detours during the journey but mostly, we’ll get to where we want to be. And as a bonus mum will get  photos she absolutely loves  of her children. Robyn our specialist child wrangler, has been at  the top of her game for years. With over 20 years of practicing with thousands of young children, there are few tricks that she hasn’t tried. And of course quite a few more that she has developed on the job.

Cute photo of young boy playing in garden at excitations photography studio, near Mildura. All rights reserved.
Love this photo of Ethan during his, I don’t really want to be here phase of our photo shoot. We where out in excitations garden studio, rain just starting to fall, when this image presented itself. Soft overcast lighting helps improve the impact of this shot. So many people cancel outdoor shoots, because it’s not sunny. Reality is that overcast light and even light rain make for some of the best portrait conditions.

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