They only say that to get you to book!

I heard that comment the other day after a lady had enquired about the price of one of our wedding albums. One of her group then went on to tell her friend that as soon as she signed up “they would put the price up and it will cost a lot more than what they just told you.”

Well, to put the record straight. Excitations has for at least 20 years had a system in place where when you book your wedding with us and choose a wedding coverage, we write up and a wedding agreement. It states what is in the album, what type of album your are getting and how long we will be at the wedding and how much the complete coverage will cost. The only thing not included in the agreement is framing of enlargements which might be in the package. That’s because frame cost vary so much. Oh and I almost forgot one other non inclusion, additional prints and pages ordered after the wedding.

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