Great light in excitations studio garden

I remember years ago talking to an old fella about his garden. It was in an historic homestead that had been in his family for over 100 years. He said to me then and I’ll never forget “it takes 100 years before a garden even starts to get good”.

I’m not sure I agree with him completely, but I know what he meant. Gardens develop character. As they age they mature, permanent plants such as large trees become more interesting,  the upper canopy develops and loser down plantings adapt to changing light. Plants need light to survive.

Photographers need interesting light to create worth while images. Look at some of the great photos you see. They are most often compelling images because they either have strong and interesting subject matter, or because they have interesting lighting. Sculpturing the subject and making it stand out from the ordinary.

I’m happy to say that after 12 years excitations studio garden is starting to get really interesting photographically. We plant and develop areas specifically for photography. Some times we can use these areas immediately, other times we wait years to get the effects we first envisaged.

Natura; environmental portrait of young boy outdoors by excitations.
We captured this shot of Guilian in one of my favorite places in our outdoor shooting area. To the eye it is a bit of a mess, but to our cameras with selective vision, little spots can be amazing.

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