Commissioning a portrait of your second child.

Arranging for a portrait photography session for your second and subsequent children with a professional photographer should be easy. Sometimes, however it isn’t. Parents agonize over whether they should have the child’s photo taken in the same location, or similar clothing or at the exact same age. The list goes on.

Many years ago the choice was less expansive. Many of us will remember visiting homes with a line of framed portraits of children across the living room wall. Each childĀ  photographed sitting on the same stool, wearing the same sailors outfit. Why the sailors outfit, I never figured that out. Didn’t seem to matter what gender the child was, everyone got the same treatment. Of course there were other variations on this theme but the important thing was that all the kids got exactly the same.

Flash forward to today and parents are still faced with difficult decisions as to how to dress their children, what size the final image will be and even style of photography. Understandably, mum and dad don’t want to seem to favour one child over another, so image size, even to this day, is often set by what we had done for the first child. Wall enlargements are often hung on the same wall in a home, so that some continuity of style and look are important.

Modern parents, not satisfied with just having a picture done of their child and hung on the wall. Are commissioning professional photographers, who specialize in producing portraits of children. Photographers who have a multitude of styles and looks in their bag of tricks.

Ideally, as a parent we would want to let these creative beings, do their very best in capturing the true spirit of our children. However we are held back by an ingrained sense of needing to have uniformity in our child’s portraits. Our feeling here at excitations, is that you should allow a child’s individuality shine through. You can combine a number of different looks, styles and image sizes on a wall in a way that is not only interesting but in fact more esthetically pleasing than having total uniformity. We’re not even against the idea of having the kids photographed at different ages but that might be a bit radical.

Enviromental portrait of young boy playing naturally in his front yard. Photo by excitations, all rights reserved.
Natural play, often leads to great portraits of your child. Here, Biagio was playing around after the bulk of his photo session at home was over. Adults where not interested in him as they were talking, when his father spotted this and said that would make a good shot. It would indeed, we had time to squeeze off three frames before he moved on to something more interesting.


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