Let me explain a thing or two about grapes.

To be honest I’m not totally convinced that young Nando knows much more than I when it comes to growing grapes. But let me tell you, he is already on his way to being the world champion grape eater. Can the man eat grapes. Unbelievable !!!

Autumn portrait season is just starting to roll. Personally I’m hoping it will be a great shooting season, because to be honest it just feels right this year. Weather is starting to settle down a bit and I’m keen to shoot some really interesting images before Winter sets in.

Photo of young boy in table grape vineyard. Photo by excitations, all rights reserved.
Nando dwarfed by the vines in his dads vineyard, and that bunch up there is well, just out of reach. Vineyards make for a great location for Autumn portrait sessions, whether its for photos of the kids or the whole family. I reckon we have about two months of good shooting weather left, so get in early and book your photography session.

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