Mildura Mardi-Gras

We’re still sorting pictures from the 2011 Mildura Mardi Gras held in Mildura last night. We were shooting to a brief so didn’t have a lot of time to shoot personal pictures. Had wanted to do a series of close face shots of people enjoying themselves and participating in the event but stuff happens fast and we didn’t get much time for that. We worked three cameras for the street parade, just to give us a better chance of getting a good angle on those floats or people we need to photograph.

Portrait of young girl taking part in Mildura Mardi Gras 2011. Photo by excitations, all rights reserved.
This is the sort of thing we wanted to capture, beautiful people having a great time and sharing some of their story with theĀ  community.
Portrait of coloourful character from Mildura Mardi Gras parade, 2011. Photo excitations, all rights reserved.
colour, fun and the lighting gods chipped in to help us out with this shot.


Photo young girls in costume for Mildura Mardi Gras festival, 2011. All rights reserved, excitations.
With thousands of people in attendace, and being really busy shooting photo dudes don’t get much time to look around. When we do, we sometimes find familiar faces, and of course take a photo.


Photo of a couple of kids on a float in Mildura 2011, Mardi Gras, all rights reserved, excitations.
Kids are especially good targets for candid photography during carnival events such as this.


Link to gallery of images from Mardi Gras here.


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