Faces in a crowd.

Plus a link to a gallery of pictures from the 2011 Mildura Mardi Gras here.

Photo of young boy dressed as a bee at the 2011 Mildura Mardi Gras
As busy as a Bee so to speak. One of the young participants in the 2011 Arts Mildura Mardi Gras.


Enthusiastic onlookers at the Mildura 2011 Mardi Gras.
Getting into the mood of the event, these two flying the flag and having a good time when Robyn snapped this picture.


Photo of pretty young woman in crowd at 2011 Mildura Mardi Gras
Here is a face that I would dearly love to spend five minutes photographing. Spotted her and a friend in the crowd on Saturday. I tried to get a shot of the two of them with out of focus parade in foreground, but as always didn’t have time to pursue the idea.


Photo of band playing at 2011 Mildura Mardi Gras.
Talking of faces. Walked past this guy early on Saturday evening, for about a squillionth of a second, thought to myself I know you.I moved on to do something else. Wasn’t until reviewing images shot at the Mardi Gras, that I was able to place him. Last year while photographing in 555 Music store in Melbourne, I noticed a gentleman standing at the counter and thought ….. Wow I’d love to make a portrait of you. But no time and the opportunity passed. It’s funny how a fleeting glance of a face that appeals to you photographically stays in your memory for so long.

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