Beautiful bodies.


Studio portrait of Body Builder, Maria Karagiorgakis, photographed 2011 Mildura. Photo by excitations, all rights reserved.

A couple weeks back, the excitations team had the pleasure of photographing some of the competitors in the Tri State Championships for the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation.

I’ve gotta say that I’ve never really “Got It” when it came to body building, but after watching these atheletes preparing for their turn in the spotlight. I have a whole new understanding of what they do. I can only begin to imagine the enormous amount of training that goes into this sport. As our temporary location studio was set up immediately behind stage, we saw competitors pumping themselves up, both physically and mentally before going onstage to compete. Of course we also saw them returning from stage immediately after competing.

I’ve always understood the art in any human body. Painters, sculptures and more recently photographers work with the human form to create art. These guys and gals create art with their own bodies. Bit by bit, through diet, exercise and amazing will they prepare themselves for competition. Then like a sprinter who spends month, years training for an event, it is all over in seconds.

Such is their conditioning, they train to reach their peak for only a couple of hours on competition day. Physical and mental exhaustion follows. At this event, competitors achieve their amazing looks by natural means alone. Which means there where no muscle bound mountains blown up by artificial chemical substances. Just lots of bloody hard work.

I now appreciate the personal journey many of these competitors have made to get to where they are today. My hat goes off to them.

Pictured above is a new competitor in the World Natural Bodybuilding Federations Asia Pacific Region, Maria Karagiorgakis from Melbourne. I’ll post a couple other competition pics as soon as I get permission to post them.

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