Excitations a full service studio

So what exactly is a full service photo studio?

Once not all that long ago every photography studio was a full service studio. Each business had a shop front, and usually behind that a darkroom for processing film and camera room where they took photos. As technology advance we where able to leave the studio and shoot on location, a style that became popular, which led to the demise of camera rooms or as we still refer to them her in Oz, studios.

Before the arrival of digital we saw the rise of custom processing laboratories, who took over the processing of films. These professional laboratories had dozens of highly skilled operators, using very expensive equipment to produce large volumes of images at a much cheaper rate than any individual studio could achieve. However this revolution was at a cost to our industry, it saw the start of standardization of materials and processing, so that each studio’s work started to look remarkably similar to their competitors. Studios where required to use one brand and type of film. The process was designed to give great results, but only if your studio wanted to conform to the industry standard.

Fly on the wall view of bride and groom exiting church. Picture by excitations all rights reserved.
High angle photo of Rebecca and Jason photographed with perhaps our oldest digital camera, a Canon 1DN II, fabulous little pro grade DSLR focuses like lightning and is capable of up to 8 pictures a second if needed. Been going to replace this camera a couple of times but after testing it successors decided to stay with this little beauty.

Digital arrived and the photographic industry was again turned on its head. Beneath all the marketing hype, digital capture and workflow was quite frankly not up to scratch. Having now had around a decade to mature digital capture is now stunning, particularly for those people working with top end capture devices. Digital capture has democratised the photography business to a stage where photography is available to almost everyone and even novices can achieve good basic results.

Full service photography studio’s have been replaced by weekend photographers or even full time photographers, who not only don’t have a studio or camera room, but who have only the most basic equipment. Instead of investing 10’s maybe 100’s of thousands of dollars in equipment and facilities their investment is only a couple of thousand for a camera and another few hundred dollars for a basic computer and a telephone. this has been great for the photographic industry as a whole because it has made photography more available to more people. People who couldn’t have afforded any sort of photography have now got access to relatively inexpensive photography services.

Street photo in Melbourne of flower vendor, photographed by Ian Mckenzie of excitations.
Street photography isn’t a big thing around excitations, but it is fun to do. Just wandering the streets looking for picture opportunities is a good way to sharpen up you reflexes and improve your ability to “see” a photo. This one shot on a Canon 1Ds III, probably not an ideal camera for this short of photography, but still capable.

The downside to this new revolution in photography if you like is the gradual demise of Full Service Studios like excitations. We have a large fully functional studio designed and built specifically for photography. Our darkroom has been replaced with a bunch of Macintosh computers. Not cheap little IMacs but heavy lifting fully loaded machines capable of  handling the massive amounts of file processing that occurs in a full on studio operation.

We have not only a full time photographer, but also a stylist and designer plus locally trained digital artists. Each and every image created by excitations is individually optimized in a way to suit whatever the final output maybe. For example an image to be used as a web illustration, will be processed totally differently to one destine to be printed in a magazine, which in turn would be processed differently to one being printed to go in a wedding album. Then of course there are images destined to be made on fine art quality papers, they are all processed differently depending upon the type of paper they are going to be printed on. We don’t have a one shoe fits all policy. To get the best out of your photos, we go the extra mile to produce stunning image quality, to match the initial image concept.

High angle photo of bride lying on bed, by excitations, Mildaura all rights reserved.
This high angle bridal portrait of Gabrielle was also taken on a Canon 1Ds III, a camera that is like no other when it comes to photographing weddings. While many wedding photographers choose lighter weight cameras as their main wedding camera, I’ll put up with all the weight, just to get my hands on the big delicious, information pact files that come off this amazing camera sensor.

If you where to take a look at our digital cameras, you would find that we have not one or even two but a whole bunch of digital cameras. Each one selected to preform different tasks. Because  like image files, no one camera will do all photography jobs equally as well.

A Full Service Photography Studio then, is a studio that is set up to be able to deliver the best possible results for your special needs. While here at excitations we occasionally produce digital files for use by corporate clients, by far the majority of our time is spent creating images destined to hang on the walls of discerning photo buyers, or in hand crafted photo art albums for wedding and family photography clients.

Photo of young wooman in front of grafitti wall Melbourne Australia. Photo by excitations-stock.com all rights reserved.
One of the disadvantages of working in a photography studio and looking good, is you are often asked to model as well as all your usual duties. This image created on Nikon’s amazing D3s camera. This camera’s ability to photograph in low light is legendary and it should be. When the going gets tough there is nothing that can come close to the low light capabilities of this pro grade camera.

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