Liana and John Mildura wedding amazing light.

Liana and John Mildura wedding.

Or that should read Liana and John Mildura wedding… One we prepared earlier. You see we set this post to auto publish… and it didn’t. So sorry guys.

Abstract of whiskey on table white background at Liana and John Mildura weddingAlmost certain we have never started a wedding post before with a drink. Maybe this could be the start of something.

Groom and groomsmen enjoy a dring in an amazing atmosphere at Liana and Jons wedding. Photo by Mildura photogfraphers ExcitationsWhen you have a room with amazing natural light. Plus three good looking young men all dressed up ready for a wedding. The photo opportunities are endless.

Groom dressing before wedding. Ilana and John Mildura wedding photography by Excitations, Mildura photographersSimply love this shot of John. So much so, that it has made an appearance in our portfolio pages. Fantastic natural light, a room with lots of space. Plus tons of atmosphere along with a good looking groom. What more could a photographer ask for?

Liana and John Mildura wedding. Bride photgraphed with natural window light by Mildura photographers, Excitations.Talking about beautiful people. Take a look at our amazing bride, Liana. Wow, just Wow. We shot a whole bunch of poses in this location. But this is my favorite. Simple pose, lovely light, equals classic beauty.

Highkey glamour portrait of bride on her wedding day. Wedding photos by excitations, MilduraFor a quick change of mood. A high-key close up of Liana. All available light with the veil providing a hint of soft focus to add to the glamour look.

Wedding accesories on wooden background. Wedding pictures in Mildura by excitations.I don’t want you to get the idea we only use natural light. We carry a full set of  artificial lights with us to all weddings. We even used some of those lights at home with Liana. But not in the above photo. Again, the available goodness flowing around these accessories was just too much to resist.

toned monochrom photo of newly married couple leaving church. Excitations, MilduraMoving right along. We skipped a large chunk of the day. Did you notice that? I love the walking out shot. The big challenge is to find a new and acceptable way of capturing it. Why Acceptable? Well there are lots of ways of shooting the walking out image. Some. while very creative, are never ever going into the wedding album.

Bride and groom on Rio vista staircase. Photo by excitations MilduraIt’s been a long time since we last photographed inside Rio Vista. As always an amazing location. Also great place to show off the full length of a beautiful bridal gown.

Effects filter used for bridal group photographed in Rio Vista Homestead Mildura, by Excitations.Formal and yet informal bridal group shot. We went for the desaturated toned look. Sometimes you can have just too much colour.

Against the light portrait of bride and groom kissing. Golden tones. Wedding photos in Mildura by excitations.Other times…. Show me the colour. natural sun flare with a soft filter.

Half length walking away from camera. Bride and groom in Rio Vista gardens Mildura. Excitations Mildura wedding photographers.The very same light, without softness. Should we hash tag this #NoFilter? Maybe not… I’ve always been a sucker for late light straight into the camera lens… Only fitting really  we end this post with a walking into the sunset image.

Our thanks to a whole bunch of amazing people who made this day so very enjoyable to photograph. Liana and John you guys are amazing. Thankyou.



Beauty portraits in Excitations Yelta studio

Shooting some beauty portraits the other day, then we became  distracted.

High angle beauty portraits shot in the studio. Excitations Mildura portrait photographersTo be totally honest we love shooting beauty images. While on the honesty trail, we don’t shoot anywhere near enough of them. That can be either because fewer people want or need beauty shots or as times change, clients are less aware of what photographers can do. The later is very much a factor in a lot of commercial photography. Clients only want us to do what they can do on their phones.

Shooting with Jessikah was a whole lot of fun. You could say we had a really hot photoshoot. Although to be fair much of the heat came from Sunraysia setting another record daily maximum. However, we shot lots of great closeup portraits. At one stage, for some reason only known to Ian. He decided to climb a ladder and shoot down. Using our studio floor as a background and getting Jessikah to contort herself into an interesting pattern.

There’s a couple of beauty portaits lurking over on our portfolio site. Just saying.

Photography workshop Spring Hill Station

Photography workshop on location at Spring Hill Station.

Holding a photography workshop on location hadn’t been on our radar. Sure we’ve run workshops across the eastern half of Australia. This however, was different.

It all started with a message from Terri. Asking us if we would consider travelling out to Spring Hill Station to conduct a workshop. Honestly, it took us about three seconds to make a decision. YES.

Hopefully our participants had as good a day as we had. A very big thankyou to Terri and Wade for hosting and organising the day. and to the ladies who attended. Thank you for attending, for  your wonderful contributions to lunch and your insights into real country living.Max photo dog leader. Spring Hill photography workshop conducted by Ian Mckenzie, Excitations, Mildura photographers.Our photo-walk guide, Max. iso 100, f4 @ 1/90th of a second 120mm. Light reflected  from gully wall opposite. Aperture prioity exposure to blur background.Red bank, grass against blue sky. Spring Hill photography workshop. Photo by excitations photographers MildiuraOur photo-walk took us down what is called “The Gutter”. The high sun angle was not our friend for the walk. Our challenge. To fined photos that worked in a great location with poor lighting. iso 100,  f4 @1/3000th (in hindsight I should have gone down to f8 which would have given me slightly sharper result as f8 is this lenses sweet spot.)low angle fence post Spring Hill photography workshops. Photo courses around MilduraMaking use of old fence post. Easy low angle. Using blue sky for some colour and contrast. iso 200 (because I forgot to come back down to iso 100 after a previous shot in shadows) 1/750th of a second at about f11Group of photographers at Spring Hill photography workshopSome of our team  in the gutter. Including Max, if you can fined Mr camera shy.Rusty gate close up photo, Pooncarrie Australia. Photoadventures with found an old gate after leaving Spring Hill for the trip home. iso 100,  f2.8 @ 1/800th of a second on a Canon 70D with 200mm lens so roughly equivalent to a 320mm (because of a cropped sensor).Semi arid Australian landscape. Creative image with sun flare and dry grass Photos from a photography workshop by excitations, outback NSW.The longer we drove. The bettter the light became. We stopped to play with some low light flaring out over the landscape. iso 100, f2.8 @ 70mm 1/500th of a second, focus point is tuft of grass in the forground. Wide open apeture to give shallow depth of field.large old tree silhouetted against a sunset near Pooncarie, NSW, Australia. Phot adventure photography workshops by excitations, regional Australia.We were talking about our wonderful Australian landscape. I think the words were something like. “You take an old tree like that one, silhouette it against a sunset like this and………” Jammed the brakes on. Jumped out of the old troopy and ran as fast as my old legs would carry me. Got there 30 seconds too late. Brilliant colour had already turned to average. But no complaints, a good way to end a great day. iso 100, f6.7 @ 1/250th 200mm lens. Cropped square to avoid a tree that I didn’t have time to run around.

If you are interesed in attending any of our Excitations adventure tours or workshops, head over to the main website and click on workshops and training to see whats coming up and where.

For the benefit of our class. All images here shot as Raw, and output out of CaptureOne 10 at our standard jpeg recipe, srgb, 800 pixels wide. No photoshop or filters.

Excitations video promo banned.

Excitations video promoting Mildura Intermediate Photography Workshop, gets the chop.

Yup, an Excitations video promoting an upcoming intermediate photography workshop has been pulled from a major social media site. While it’s not a big deal to us. It is frustrating to try and figure out what went wrong. First we had approval to use it. Then approval was withdrawn. Then it was approved again….. After it had been deleted from the site

Luckily we weren’t promoting fine art nude workshops. If this one breaches standards. Can you imagine what would happen at the mention of the word “nude”.

Have you guessed what we got wrong? Ok, we won’t keep you waiting. Apparently we cannot show just parts of our cameras. We have to show the whole camera. Because the camera is the product. Not the photography workshop.

I’m smiling… Truely I am.

Anyway, if you live in or around Mildura and want to take your photography to the next level as they say. Head on over to our info page.

Or, if you just want to book here and now. TryBooking is our secure booking host.


Dani and Mark Mildura wedding photos

Mildura wedding photos from Dani and Mark’s wedding.

We’ve been a little slack, OK a lot slack in posting Mildura wedding photos recently. There is no excuse other than just plan silly busy. We’ve been working on a whole lot of projects ovder the last few months. Most of which you will never see here on this blog.

I digress, Dani and Mark chose a wonderful day for their wedding. Maybe I’m giving them to much credit here. Even if they were not responsible for the weather. It sure did turn out to be one amazing day. Most likely due to the wonderful bunch of people gathered for the event.Mildura wedding photos by excitations, Mildura photographers. Formal closeup of bride with flowers.I wasn’t going to post any pre-wedding images today. But then I spotted this one of Dani and her flowers. What is there to say. Dani is beautiful, the flowers are as well. Mother nature popped in to deliver some amazing available light.

Nearly forgot our father of the bride. He supplied that tiny whisp of light hitting Dani’s veil and hair. Good work dad.Garden wedding candid photography of bride during ceremony. Mildura wedding photos by Excitations Mildura photographers.There is something about garden weddings. Especially when the weather is great.Full length scenic image of bride and groom kissing in amazing Ampelon Gardens, Gol Gol near Mildura. Wedding photography by excitations.Every now and then, the lighting gods turn up with their little box of magic. This was one of those occassions. mark and Dani were in the right location. All it took was a suggestion. Hey Mark… “Give your beautiful bride a kiss.” Bingo, let’s move on.Formal bridal portrait full length amazing late afternoon light in a beautiful garden. Mildura wedding photography by Excitations photographers Mildura.And the lighting gods just kept on giving. Of course, it didn’t hurt that Dani and Mark were able to move quickly to opportunities as they arose.Wedding party walking through Ampelon Garden, Gol Gol. Mildura wedding photos by Excitations, photography Mildura.New extensions to Ampelon Gardens, now give us wide open spaces to play with.  Ideal for shooting with groups. Talking of groups this team rocked it.Mildura wedding photos by Excitations. Bride and groom walking through Autumn coloured garden.We always love to include lots of foliage in our Mildura wedding photos. If it just happens to be rich golden colours all the better.Full length colour wedding mood shot. Photographed in large spacious garden by Excitations Mildura photographers.There are a few more of Dani and Mark’s wedding photos over on our home page.

Mildura beginners photography course

Date announced for Mildura beginners photography course

April 1st is the day we kick off our workshop series in Mildura. Our first home town photo workshop for the year will be Mildura Beginners photography course. More often referred to as Excitations Beginners Guide to photography. This is an all new beginners course. Adding updated content. More tips and tricks to improve your photography in quicktime.

General overview of our Beginners Guide to photography HERE.

Group of Little Corella's lined up on a dead tree. Excitations Mildura beginners photography course.
Outback photography  workshops and courses.
Mildura beginners photography course

April 1st at Excitations Barn Studio, Yelta. Starts 1:30pm and runs for just over 4 hours. We cover the  basic stuff like iso, apertures, shutter speeds and lenses. We give you simple tips guaranteed to inprove your photography, instantly. Most importantly we answer your questions.

Please note this is a photography course. We teach photography. We do not teach you where every switch, dial or menu is on your paticular brand of camera. User manuals are for that. Our course help you use the tools your camera has to improve your photography.

Your investment:-   Adults $69     Concession card Holders $55  Student ID or under 18 years  $39

Bookings essential. Refunds available up to 24 hours before advertised starting time, full refund less $1 withheld by booking system. No refund for NO-SHOWS.

Automated online bookings. 

Excitations phone number has changed

Excitations phone number is now mobile 0434 130 219

Graphic of red phone and Excitations phone number. Excitations Mildura

How many other ways can I say it. Excitations phone number has changed. Hopefully this will make us more responsive and flexible.

It will certainly add to our ability to easily text and share links with clients. Along with changes to our website structure which will, over time give us options to deliver files directly to commercial and editorial clients from almost anywhere in Australia.

Our old number 03 5025 3368 will remain. However, until the tech boffins get their act together and fix the on again off again nature of that connection. We suggest using the mobile number 0434 130 219.

In other communications news. We have added a Satelite phone to our coms kit. We aren’t publishing the number currently as we only use the satphone when really off grid. Otherwise it is turned off. Our current plan is to divert calls to the satphone as needed.

Other changes around the place see a new contact form on our main site


Rolling out first photography workshops 2017

First photography workshops 2017 to be announced next week.

This year we will be running a whole bunch of photography courses all around the country. Well not all around the country but we are trying from something in most states.

Excitations photography workshops 2017, will include a new revised Beginners guide to photogaphy. Our Intermediate Photography workshop has also reshaped.

New courses coming include the “Art of Seeing”, “Nature Photography”, “Photography as Art” and a bunch of others.

Art image of leaves frozen in ice. Fine art photography by excitations Mildura photographers

Location photography Jennifer and Anthony.

A spot of location photography to celebrate Jennifer and Anthony’s engagement.

Location photography is a little like real estate sales. It’s all about location, location and location. Jennifer and Anthony excelled in choosing their locations.Close up flash lit portrait of youg couple with out of focus river background. Photo Excitations.A high vantage point over the Murray River for a  formal portrait of Jenninfer and Anthony, celebrating their engagement.Engaged couple under a pergola covered in lush green vines. Location photography by excitations.When in Rome!!!  Well, when in a beautiful garden somtimes you just gotta get a whole lotta  garden in. I love this spot.Close up location photography of beautiful young woman and her man. Engagement photogaphy by excitations.Up close with Jennifer. Once again beautiful models and a location providing classic glamour lighting.Engagement photo of couple under an avenue of jacaranda Trees. Location Photography by Excitations.We should call this image, “Road Trip”. We decided with Jennifer and Anthony, we should  take a small detour. This image is not quite as we had planned. However, certainly worth the stop.Engagement couple seated in behind a wine barrel bar under a long avenue of London Plane Trees. Engagement photography by Excitations.Back home for Jennifer and some refreshments under an Avenue of London Plane Trees.Engaged couple kiss beside a vintage car with venue marquee in background. Photo by Mildurra photographer Excitations.A stolen kiss in the garden. We were just lucky someone had parked a vintage car in front of the marquee.Couple walking in vineyard. Engagement photography Mildura by Excitations.And wouldn’t you know it. There was a vineyard nearby. Luckily, Jennifer and Anthony where up for a stroll.formal portrait taken on location inside a huge marquee. Excitations portraits.From the vineyard into the marquee. Which was all lovely, bright and white. Except for one little piece of black material.Close up couple cutting cake. Mildura photographers Excitations.We just had time to cut the engagement cake. Before heading off to our  final location for the day.Couple kiss with salt lake in background. Mildura photographers Excitations.You guessed it. A sunset. An orange sky, water and a couple in love. Another case of over-shooting. We love this photography caper!

Broken Hill wedding, Jessica and Dennis

Broken Hill wedding and beautiful people.

Broken Hill prides itself with being at the edge of the dry Australian outback… I’m not so sure about that… I reckon I’ve shot more times in the rain around the Hill than I have in good weather. Fortunately on this occasion, the wet passed through during the 48 hours preceding Jessica and Dennis’s wedding.

And as far as photos go… Well you’re only going to catch a glimps of the day here. And seeing it is Christmas day as I sit and write this Two things.

Merry Christmas. And I’m going to start with photos from the end of the day first… Just because I can.Broken Hill wedding, close up of decorations.

You see, one of the big features for me at this wedding. Was the amazing amount of time Jess and Dennis had spent personalising their wedding. This post could have been about all the little personal touches. But it is not. So I’m just putting a couple of the decoration  pictures first.

Reception decorations at Broken Hill wedding. Photo by excitations Mildura photographer

grainny flared photograph of youg flower girl. Wedding photos in Broken Hill by Excitations.Then like most weddings,  we were surrounded by beautiful girls.Siver toned black and white wedding photo of flower girl. Wedding photography in Broken Hill by Excitations.Naturally, there were the amazing locations… And stair cases. Maybe we should call Broken Hill the city of stairs. The effect used here is one of Excitations profiles called Silver. Appropriate for the Silver City or should that be Silva City.Bides dress hanging in doorway. Broken Hill wedding by Excitations.

Wedding ring and stained glass window. Broken Hill wedding by Excitations photography MilduraDid I mention seriously cool locations to shoot in…. I mean this stuff was real… No photo trickery, just amazing places to shoot.Bride and groom late afternoon light on a balcony, Broken Hill wedding.Finally we get to a shot of the stars of this wedding. Jessica and Dennis. Not our usual style, shooting with an ultra wide lens,  but I fell in love with the amazing light on this balcony. The very unconventional pose can be credited to our beautiful couple. These guys were just a pleasure to work with. Although I’m guessing they thought I had lost my mind setting up this shot. I’m calling this shot “Loose Canon” On account  someone may have accidently left a spare Canon Camera on a table in the background. Better get rid of that before anyone spots it.Bride and groom walking down the street in Broken Hill. Excitations photographers Mildura.In keeping with our vibrant warm urban feel. We shot this walking down the street and just letting the amazing warm light  bounce every which way. All the time I’m sure Jessica and Dennis are thinking we had really lost it.Toned wedding portrait of bride and groom with vintage car. Broken Hill wedding photos by Excitations.From the city to the bush… Well not really bush but a very nice bit of open country with a little outcrop of rocks and native vegetation. Plus, we had a beautiful vintage car to play with. This was a great stop and yielded some fantastic photos.Close up of groom kissing bride at Broken Hill wedding. Wedding photography by Excitations.Same location for this shot. Just moved in closer and softened the light down and ……. Well you get the idea.Bride kisses groom at Broken Hill wedding. Wedding pictures by Excitations Mildura photography.Dennis gets a bit of loving in return and the light from a big open sky starts to glow.Half length portrait of bride standing on green golf course. Portrait of bide, Broken Hill. Photo by ExcitationsJess looking amazing as our big sky lights up the twilight. Late evening is a great time to shoot portraits and rarely does evening light get better than this. The only other ingredient needed is a stunning bride… As fortune would have it… There was one  on hand.Rugged rustic wedding photography location with bride and groom at last light.Ok, now I’m officially in love. I can’t think of any other location where you have perfectly manicured lawns and 50 metres away…. This. Awesome semi arid Australian outback scenery. That, I think is what made this Broken Hill wedding so amazing. Terrific people, fabulous locations, the loving care and attention payed to personalising the entire day.